clsjewelry & Eugene Magazine

Did you know that I regularly publish an ad for clsjewelry – Christine L. Sundt Fine Jewelry Design in Eugene Magazine? It’s a great “lifestyle” magazine for our area and it’s helped me showcase my work especially to visitors. You can find a copy of Eugene Magazine in just about every local hotel — and in most waiting rooms.

The next issue will be Summer 2017. Here’s a preview of my new ad:

See Re~Wear on Etsy!

Re~Wear is my brand for accessory items that are part jewelry and part wearable art. They are all handmade, one-of-a-kind creations that enhance and expand your wardrobe with style and pizazz.

You can now find these at my recently reopened SundtStudios Etsy storefront. A “shawl pin” collection with 16 new items has just been launched.

My jewelry collections – clsjewelry – Christine L. Sundt Fine Jewelry Design – will continue to be offered exclusively through galleries, currently White Lotus Gallery (Eugene), The Island Gallery (Bainbridge Island), and Ginko Gallery & Studio (Oberlin).


Launching the new look for

After several years, anything gets old. So, too, my former website.

Today I launched a new design for, which promises to be a better experience for viewers who prefer to surf the Web with smaller, handheld devices. But I’ll know I’ve been successful only if I hear from you!

Leave me a note and tell me what you think.